Lucky Anna, she was the fist girl we ever shot for Biohazard Bitches, she had set the example for all the other skanky toilet whores. Funny thing is she was a friend of mine that volunteered to be my first victim. You wouldn’t believe how many of these sluts actually enjoy being mistreated and treated like worthless pieces of meat. This whore got skull fucked, ate her own puke, took a swirly with a smile, ate 2 loads of cum and washed it down with warm urine!

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Just wait till you see how round this sluts face gets when she has a cock rammed down her throat and her cheeks pop like a blowfish. I don’t know what this bitch hated most, getting her mouth filled with piss (twice:-) or taking it in the ass for the first time, just wait till you see the look of pain on her pretty pee soaked face. I don’t think we’ll be seeing her again.

Whatever comes out of our body or theirs and doesn’t make it into the bowl they eat, and we make sure they throat fucked until something comes up!

Kristy was funny little whore with horrible gag reflexes, as soon as her throat was poked up came more Micky D’s. Being the nice guy that I am I helped her wash down her regurgitated Mc Nuggets with warm pee. The slut was still thirsty after getting her mouth and face filled with piss three times so she started to lick the mess of vomit and piss off the filthy floor. Bravo Kristy you win the award for being the dirtiest whore to have ever licked my bowl.

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Karen is such a fucking mess, I guarantee this bitch has been used and treated like the $5 crack whore that she is a few times before she met me. We really put this whore through the ringer, fed her piss, gagged, had her mouth, pussy and ass rammed with cock, a toilet brush and a filthy plunger, this pig got the works. Did I mention she actually drank toilet water after brushing her teeth with my dirty toilet brush?

These girl become human toilets, and love every minute of it.

This sorry excuse for a whore was stupid as fuck, how hard is it to lick a fucking toilet and swallow some cock, Jesus! This bitch caught me with a full bladder, the sorry slut drank piss three times and licked what she didn't swallow off the floor like a mutt dog. This poor girls guidance counsellor really steered her wrong, he should have his head stuffed in a toilet!

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Catherine is a dirty, dirty whore. This bitch took it all, throat fucking, spitting, ass licking, hard a fuck ass pounding, ass to mouth, she drank stinky piss, I even shoved a toilet brush in her cunt while fucking her in the ass, this dirty whore got the works. Good thing this pig has great big titties, with a face that she needs all the help she can get!


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